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A virtual employee is just like any other member of your staff that works under your direction—but does so remotely from the Philippines.

Manage your virtual employee directly as you would your in-house staff.

Communicate in real-time. Your virtual employee works when you work.

We supply your employee all the tools necessary to complete the job.

Collaborate on projects using Skype or other free technology.

Build a remote office in the Philippines, equipped with all your needs and more!

Remote Staff

A virtual employee is a member of YOUR team. Although your virtual employee may be located thousands of miles away in the Philippines, there are no obstacles in his/her ability to seamlessly integrate into your business workflow.

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Data Security

Benefit from ultra-safe and secure business operations. Our IT team closely monitors network security and we are fully compliant with ISO Information Security Standards. Most of all, you set the data access and restrictions for your virtual employee.

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Remote Office

Our office is YOUR office. Enjoy the benefits of opening an office branch offshore without the risk or hassle. We provide the office space, HR, IT, payroll, and healthcare support for your employee.

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Facilities & Infrastructure

A professional and comfortable working environment ensures productivity from your virtual employee. Employees have access to training and meeting rooms as well as office perks such as cafes, a pharmacy, and quarterly company activities.

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