How It Works

Hire the most qualified Philippines-based employees, in any industry or profession, at a fraction of the cost.

As the client, you are 100% in charge of your virtual employee just like you would be of any in-house staff, from hiring decisions to company data access to directing his/her workload, goals, and deadlines. You establish the standards by which your virtual employee works. Rest assured, your virtual employee will be able to seamlessly integrate into your business.


When you hire an employee through us, your employee is 100% dedicated to you and functions as your employee, not ours. That means your virtual employee takes direction from you, not us or any other client for that matter. You assign your employee’s projects, set goals, and provide assessment and feedback just like you would with any in-house staff.

Work Hours

If you are concerned about the time difference between your local office and the Philippines, don’t be. You determine your virtual employee’s working hours, so he/she works when you do—even if it’s the middle of the night in the Philippines.

Workspace, Equipment and Software

We’ll provide your virtual employee with a professional and dedicated workspace. Tell us what type of hardware, software, security, and tools are necessary for your virtual employee to complete his/her assignments successfully and we’ll supply per your direction. If you need to set restrictions for such things as removable storage drives like USB flash drives, CD/DVD drives, or for Internet browsing or email, then we can establish those restrictions for you as well. We’ll ensure your employee’s setup meets your standards.


Your virtual employee directly interacts with you and other members of your local team. The virtual employee can even join meetings via video conferencing, if you so desire. He/she is part of your team—the only difference is that he/she will be working remotely from the Philippines. Keep in contact with your virtual employee in any manner most efficient for you—be it email, phone, instant message, or Skype.

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