Hire the most qualified Philippines-based employees, in any industry or profession, at a fraction of the cost.

Our pricing model consists of two components. First, your cost will include the employee’s salary, which you negotiate directly with the employee. Since you can hire an employee in any industry or profession, that salary will vary based on your requirements. Second, in addition to your virtual employee’s wages, the fee you pay will include our service costs to supply your employee with office space, computer equipment and software, IT and HR support as well as usage of our on-site employee facilities.

So, how much does it cost? While we’d love to answer that question with a number, the fact is that the cost depends on various factors. Every job is unique and employee salaries will vary depending on your requirements. For example, if you need an employee to do basic data entry, it will cost less than if you need a software engineer with many years of experience.

While we can’t provide you with a price without an initial conversation, we can guarantee that the total cost it is certain to be far less than it would be if you hired that same employee locally. The wages paid to a Filipino worker are estimated to be 80% less than what you would pay an employee with equivalent qualifications and experience in the United States or other developed nations.

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