Staff Recruitment

Hire the most qualified Philippines-based employees, in any industry or profession, at a fraction of the cost.

YOU play an integral part in the recruitment process. As the client, you have complete control over the process. While we recruit and pre-screen the best candidates for you, it’s up to you to determine the job requirements, whom to hire as well as the wage to pay your virtual employee. Once you decide whom to hire, your virtual employee is dedicated to your business and will work solely under your direction.

Our risk free step-by-step process recruitment process:
1. You provide us a detailed job description with all qualification requirements.
2. We recruit, source and pre-screen the best candidates for you.
3. We send you resumes of the most qualified candidates.
4. You select candidates to interview among the resumes we supplied.
5. You interview the candidates (via Skype) and make a decision on whom to hire.
6. Lastly, we assign you an operations manager from our team who will help oversee your employee(s) in the Philippines and be your go-to contact.

And, what if you don’t find your ideal candidate? No problem. We can continue to recruit candidates until you do find the perfect employee, or you can walk away with absolutely no financial obligation to us.

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