Use Outsourcing in the Philippines to Improve Your Business

Hire the most qualified Philippines-based employees, in any industry or profession, at a fraction of the cost.

You’ll hear people debate the merits of outsourcing jobs to Philippine workers and see lists of outsourcing pros and the cons. However, most businesses that have chosen to outsource work to the Philippines have seen great benefits to their operating budgets, but they also have been impressed with the quality of work coming from Philippine workers. Here are some ways outsourcing jobs to the Philippines will improve your business.

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Save money
Many companies have jobs that require some level of web-development expertise. U.S. workers skilled in IT, web development and computer programming often ask for large salaries that can drain a company’s operating budget and keep the business from pursuing new product development ideas. Cutting the costs of web development frees up money that can be spent to grow one’s business. It means there is more money in the coffers to experiment with projects or ideas that can lead to future profits. Other jobs that can be successfully outsourced to the Philippines are call-enter jobs, data processing, website maintenance, customer service calls, marketing, accounting and engineering jobs to name a few areas of discipline that can be done offshore without an issue.

Dip into a pool of talented, specialized workers
There is a vast pool of specialized Philippine workers from legal experts to medical experts that have impeccable credentials but will work for reasonable fees. Companies can benefit both monetarily and strategically by hiring Philippine experts to solve specific problems and fill company needs. There are many workers who have achieved high levels of education and experience due to the country’s focus on the importance of education. However, operating costs in the Philippines are much lower than many western countries. Therefore, Philippine workers have lower salary expectations. You can find a worker that has the skills, education and experience you want and know that their reimbursement rates might be lower but not their knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the job.

Take advantage of the time zone difference
Try to hire an IT expert to work all night long or a webmaster that’s on call twenty-four hours a day to monitor website issues, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone with both the ability you want at the scale of pay you can afford. By hiring Philippine workers, a company can benefit from the time difference to keep work flowing all day, every day by using both American and Philippine workers as needed. Imagine if an e-store has an issue with its shopping cart feature and people cannot purchase items until the next day. This could be disastrous for a company that wants to show professionalism and create confidence in their business—especially if the business is new.

Experience an exceptional work ethic
Philippine workers are known to have an excellent work ethic and live in a culture where excellence is expected. Working for an American company is often sought after by workers in the Philippines because of an appreciation and connection to America and its culture. Businesses should not be surprised to see workers put in long hours, deliver a quality product and do it by the deadline or even before the deadline. Friendly, loyal, dedicated and creative, Philippine workers are assets to any company, especially at such low wages for such high levels of competency.

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