Why the Philippines has become the top outsourcing destination in the world

Hire the most qualified Philippines-based employees, in any industry or profession, at a fraction of the cost.

Maybe you’ve decided to move some of your office work offshore. Perhaps you’re working with a Philippines outsourcing service, or you’ve connected online with a talented Philippine worker who will work for you directly. Whether you choose a Philippine employment service as your outsourcing partner or hand select individual workers, you are tapping into one of the top offshore, outsourcing destinations around the globe.


The Philippines is a tropical country composed of a large group of islands, over 7000 in number, located at the intersection of major intercontinental travel routes off the southwest coast of the mainland of Asia. For business travel, or product shipments, it’s easy and convenient to get to the Philippine islands.


The Philippine infrastructure, which includes roads, waterways, power generation and all avenues of telecommunications, is up-to-date and well maintained. Both fiber optic cable and satellite networks keep the Philippine communication systems running without interruptions or glitches.

English proficiency

English is a second language to the Philippine citizens, but in some ways, English is their first love. A push to have Philippine children and adults learn English has yielded a country of exceptional English speakers who can now reap the rewards of their English speaking and writing abilities.

Any voice related job like customer service or IT help requires a high degree of understanding and ability in English. Heavy accents or poor English skills have done damage to companies that thought they’d save some money but ended up losing customers. Most Philippine call center employees have studied English since elementary school, and they not only know how to speak English, they can do it with little or no discernible accent.


Residents of the Philippines value higher education and over 360,000 university students graduate each year, many with high honors. Only a mere five percent of the Philippine population is illiterate compared to recent statistics that report American illiteracy at about 14 percent. High educational goals are part of the Philippine culture, but the country also values hard work and achievement in the workplace.


Friendly, amicable, cooperative and empathetic, Philippine people are superb at customer service jobs that require steady, calm and pleasant personalities. They also excel in any call center type of work, which is why so many call centers now hire workers offshore from the Philippines. Being patient and understanding also makes the average Philippine IT worker great at helping consumers deal with problems with their computer, router or printer. Good communication skills and cheerfulness also go a long way in keeping customers soothed and placated when issues arise with products or services.

Wide and diverse talents

Here are some of the various jobs currently being outsourced to the Philippines with great results and at incredibly low salaries:

  • Graphic design
  • Flash design
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Animation
  • SEO/SEM expert
  • Technical support
  • Creative writing
  • Online content writing
  • Transcription and translation
  • Accounting
  • Data processing
  • Job recruiting
  • Customer service
  • Virtual assistant
  • Online tutor
  • Engineering
  • Medical consultant
  • Legal consultant
  • Educational consultant
  • Proofreader
  • Editor
  • Illustrator

Although there are a multitude of reasons to outsource jobs to the Philippines, the immense saving on salaries and hourly rates for professional work is always one of the top reasons more and more jobs are being done offshore in the Philippines.

For example, a mechanical engineer might charge eighty-five dollars an hour in the States while a Philippine worker with the same degree and experience may only charge fifteen or seventeen dollars an hour on average. For companies struggling to keep their business afloat and looking for a way to save money, offshoring and outsourcing may be the only way to keep within their business budget.

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