Data Security

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We take confidentiality seriously. Your company data is just that – yours. Our operations are compliant with ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Standards. Consequently, you can trust that any data exchanged over our servers or through our business processes is secure and safe from cyber-theft or viruses.

When you hire a virtual employee through us, you determine the extent of access he/she has to your company’s data or files based on the most efficient workflow and your data security needs. Some common options include:

Providing your virtual employee access to your company’s network via VPN. All data and files are safely stored and exchanged on your company’s servers within your own network.
Cloud-based virtual platforms where you and your employee share company files and data over our network and servers.
Remote access to your virtual employee’s computer, allowing you to login at any time to monitor the data the employee has saved to his/her computer.

For added security (and your peace of mind), you may also set restrictions to what your virtual employee can or cannot use while at work such as personal email, certain websites (i.e. file share sites), smartphones or external hard drive or flash drives.

Feel free to share any security concerns you may have and let us know what’s necessary to ensure your data is handled as securely as possible. We’ll work toward setting up the most efficient and secure virtual workflow that meets your standards.

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